Venturing out for high adventure from Black Iron Cliffs

Black Iron Cliffs

A small frontier town built around a rich iron mine in a range of craggy hills, stretching along a treacherous seafront. Along with the mine operations, the town is supported by a series of struggling farms in the rocky local soil. The town is often menaced by raiders from the nearby goblin tribes. There is a small pier that sees a little traffic, but the harbor is shallow and rocky and tides fierce. Most captains opt to visit better ports and travel overland.

Under protection of Baroness Prida of Acravar, from a fortress a day's ride to the north. She has three knights and 50 men at arms at her disposal.

Black Iron Cliffs is led by Mayor Brinn Hanson, appointed by Baroness Prida. Though in general, the people have far more trust in town elder Karl Butcherson. Mayor Brinn himself relies heavily on Karl's advice, and has difficulty enforcing his decisions without Karl's support.

Sheriff Tuska. Came to Black Iron Cliffs with his mother at a young age and at first was ostracized for his orc heritage, but his great strength saved a group of miners caught in a mine collapse and he quickly earned great respect as a leader. The previous sheriff employed him to help keep order in the town, and when he retired recommended Tuska as the new sheriff. Tuska enforces the law in town as well as training and leading the town militia.

Deputies Ulgi Digart and Brody Fence - Tuska's deputies.

Graf Digart an elder dwarf, runs the mining operations, employing many of his clansmen, but also the local humans. He runs a tight ship, insisting on long shifts and grumbling at any disruption in productivity.

Pilenso an old scholar. Retired from a university in a big city after some scandal. Sought out the most remote place he could find in order to avoid scrutiny. Makes a living providing advice to the mayor and performing minor magical services for townsfolk. Believed to have a small fortune hidden away somewhere.

Kala Mark - An herbalist and trader, she runs the general store, selling goods she imports from the city as well as herbal concotions she makes from plants collected around town.

Elzabeth Wiedran - the daughter of Palence Wiedran the owner of the largest farm in town. While Palence is always busy running the farm, Elzabeth spends time in town handling the family's other needs and selling food. She is also a loud spokesperson for the interests of farmers in general.

Drahlia - A young priestess of Ehlonna, providing counsel and healing to the people of Black Iron Cliffs

Aryal - Elven outcast who runs the town bar. Also known to be a skilled surgeon, often patching up those who suffer physical injuries around town.

Danyan and Waif - A couple of old sailors that retired decades ago to live in a quiet time. They do some casual fishing, but mostly trade small handcrafted goods for what they need.

There are no major criminal agents in town, Sheriff Tuska is strict and efficient, but there are bandit bands interfering with commerce, and in Acravar there is Boss Lagan running a number of criminal plots that sometimes reach Black Iron Cliffs.


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