Venturing out for high adventure from Black Iron Cliffs

Major characters in my campaign


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A young elf (for an elf), who has worked for years as Black Iron Cliff's barkeep. The bar's sign features a sleeping elf with a mug on his chest, and a word in elvish (translating to Slumberland), but few locals can read elvish and instead call it

Baroness Prida

Baroness Prida is the lord of Acravar, having founded it with the help of her retainer Sir Jonnam. She and her soldiers defeated a goblin shaman chief and built a fortress on the site of his stronghold. Confidence in the strength of her men-at-arms have enticed men and women to settle permanently under her protection.

Boss Lagan

Lagan is the boss of a crime syndicate operating primarily out of Acravar city. Once a skilled and daring cat burglar himself, age and wealth have softened him physically, but he is every bit as shrewd, vicious and dangerous as he was when he was active. Anyone who thinks to cross him will find themselves on the wrong side of an assassin's knife.

Brody Fence

Brody is one of Sheriff Tuska's deputies, helping to enforce order and protect the village. He also works as a bricklayer and mason.


A tall young woman in robes of brown and green. She has long platinum blonde hair and pale grey eyes. She appears to almost glow with an unnatural light.

Elzabeth Wierdran

Prominent farmer's daughter and produce saleswoman

Graf Digart

Head of mining opeartions

Kala Mark

Town Herbalist at the General Store

Karl Butcherson

Karl Butcherson is one of the oldest men in town and one of the most respected. While he has no official rank, Mayor Hanson realizes it would be difficult for him to push any policies without his support and he often seeks his advice and works to maintain his good favor.

Mayor Hanson

Mayor Brinn Hanson is the mayor appointed by Baroness Prida to govern Black Iron Cliffs. He is an intelligent, well spoken man who dearly wants to help the people of the town and to be respected. But he lacks great confidence in his ability and relies heavily on Karl Butcherson and other prominent townspeople.

Palence Wiedran

Palence is a wealthy farmer, owning the largest farm outside Black Iron Cliffs, employing 20 workers to handle his fields. His daughter, Elzabeth, handles most of his business in town, while he manages the farm and travels among the other farms in the area helping his neighbors where needed.


Scholar and minor magic practitioner

Sheriff Tuska

Sheriff of Black Iron Cliffs, and commander of its militia

Sir Jonnam

Sir Jonnam is a close confidant of Baroness Prida, who helped lead her army and found the Barony of Acravar. He received serious wounds in the campaign to conquer the lands, and retired to a role as Prida's military advisor.

Ulgi Digart

Ulgi is one of Sheriff Tuska's deputies, helping to enforce order and protect the village. A nephew of Graf Digart, he also works in the mine

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